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Someone from your office masturbated on Zoom? Answered video calls in an open bathrobe? Stood up on video while talking from a bathtub? Oops! It might have even been your boss.

Hey, it happens (for privileged men). And some of them will get their job back and never face any real repercussions.

That makes people feel violated...all over again.

With all the ways members can simply “fall out,” appear on camera, be shoved into common workspaces without warning or consent, the digital workplace is becoming trickier to navigate, so we have your back. …

Unsplash by AB: Time to Think Different, y’all

“I love that people still quote me as the go-to pioneer,” Jobs’s spirit says.

“Yet, I think Silicon Valley needs to innovate. You know, THINK DIFFERENT. That message was one of my favorites. If everyone is quoting me all the time using the same sound bite, nobody is really thinking different. It’s ironic, right. Don’t quote me on that. Pick a different quote. There’s some good ones out there. Live a little!”

Jobs’s spirit, who is very happy, went on to add a few more nuances.

“I mean, there are so many other great innovators in the Valley. And if…

Jason, a 35-year-old b2b tech marketing consultant, won’t stop using ‘me too.’

“I won’t stop. Me too matters. It deserves attention. Especially because I’ve been ‘me too-ed.’”

His friends, according to his ‘lady bruh,’ Sarah, have repeatedly told him to stop saying he got “me too-ed” — even staging an intervention to help him understand the challenges with what he said.

“I got ‘me too-ed’ last year and no one wants to talk about THAT,” he said. “It’s upsetting because men are being silenced. It’s serious. You don’t hear enough about men’s stories.”

Men’s stories? We’re curious, so we asked…

Leaders lead loudly…

We’re a product, a service, a malleable construct and we need to remember that we’re always moving the goalposts and KPIs. It’s all about the lowest common denominator. And look, people are messy.

And we’ve had to make changes that feel like not quite a full version. And not quite like an update. What’s the word for when you have tons of bugs and ship it anyway — only because it benefits some of us and we make more money?

That’s where we are. An update.

We’re not all going to like the changes. Not everyone is going to be…

“Kindergarten feminist tots are bullying my daughter,” says James Cordell, a divorced ad exec based in London.

“So much for feminism. It’s toxic and it’s wreaking havoc on my kid’s life,” Cordell said.

“Sure it started with a snack disappearing from her lunch. Where does it end? They take your lunch today and what next? These 5 year-olds are a mean. It’s utter toxicity at work.”

He goes on to explain.

“You send your daughter to school and some kid with a Spongebob backpack and a ‘Future is Female’ shirt gives her a hug and acts like she’s her friend…

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There are between 30 million and 55 million meetings every day in Corporate America. And even that range shows a bunch of people weren’t paying attention in a meeting. Who can blame them? It feels as though I have been in every one of them. Every soul-sucking one. I am pretty sure that’s about 25% of my life.

You’re supposed to be creative and using your genius to come up with and execute on new ideas —and you can’t. Why? Because you’re in a meeting. Poof! Now it’s 4 meetings later and half your day is gone. And, as a…

Bitcoin. Image source (CC0)

I am no blockchain expert; yet I have friends who are. Recently, I got to chat with my friends @Kerrygorgone and @Chrisbrogan (a real expert) about blockchain on the Business SHEnanigans show. I am practically an expert by osmosis. I am at @kathyklotzguest.

Ladies Mean Business. Image Source:

It’s hard being a woman entrepreneur in Silicon Valley trying to get funded. In 2017, only 2% of all funding went to women founders ( It’s a lowfat venture capital latte. Who needs that? You deserve the whole cow. I got your back, ladies; just keep those handsy money dudes away from your front.

Here are 5 surefire ways women can get the startup funding their brilliant ideas deserve.

5. Add a Fake Man’s Name to the “Team” Slide of the Deck

No problem — just add a name. Be careful to pick a believable male name. Going punny is risky, though incredibly laudable and hilarious. Names like “Igit Fundin,” “Chad B. Hanging,”…

Women at work. Image source: CC0

When I was in my 20s in the male-dominated world of high-tech, I was constantly told to stifle my sense of humor. A few things said to me:

“Don’t joke so much — it’s distracting…”

“Stop being funny — no one will take you seriously, and men don’t like it…”

“Don’t laugh so loudly — tone it down!”

I was told to reign it in more times than I can count. And I was told this by women and, yes, by a few men — both.

Those women, I believe, thought they were helping me. They were wrong. They saw…

“Lady Stages”

It’s an issue — getting talented women to speaking stages in tech and in many industries. So I’ve put together this handy guide with some key ways to attract talented women speakers and take credit for it, too. Double the standard, and double your ROI, return on inequity.

Point to the ‘Nebulous’ Pipeline Problem

Take a page from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) if people question why you don’t have enough women and cite the the “pipeline problem.” Tell people you can’t find qualified women speakers even when they’re everywhere and you could Google them, ask around and follow women during the year to ensure you…

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Author, speaker, comedian. I turn teams into thriving idea-driven startups who lead in the moment with humor and improvisation. CEO, MA, MBA

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